Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Benjamin Bratt Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Benjamin Bratt had plastic surgery to improve his self image. The before & after pictures show that he had nose job. Overall, was Benjamin Bratt's cosmetic surgery procedure a good or bad idea?

Private Practice actor Benjamin Bratt plays a doctor on television and it could be that he has some plastic surgery in his past.

49-year old Benjamin Bratt frequently plays a love interest, thanks to his dark good looks and tall frame. But fans have spotted that Benjamin looks a little different than he used to, which could be the result of a minor nose surgery.

Frequently actors undergo minor nose jobs early in their career so that their face looks good from every camera angle. Although Benjamin has aged well, his nasal tip looks slightly narrower than it used to, which could be a sign that plastic surgery has taken place.

Benjamin looks good and we looks forward to seeing what the good looker does after Private Practice ends its final season.

Benjamin Bratt had made huge headlines in media in the past when he was the boyfriend of famous Julia Roberts. Nowadays, he is in the news for his plastic surgery adventure. He is different from other men in a way that he is showing interest in nose job, rather than liposuction or Botox which are the most chosen procedures by the men. So, what changes the nose job has brought in him? The past pictures of the person show that he had not had this nose which he is enjoying these days.

He made relations with Julia Roberts in 1997, and both remained involved with each other till 2001, when the lady won Oscar. Soon after winning Oscar, they parted their ways from each other; however it is not known whether it was the lady who broke the relation or it was a mutual decision. Just over three months, they were releasing a statement together through which they announced that they were no more living as a couple. The statement however mentioned that they were committed to remain good friends till they live.

The experts have actually praised his work saying he looks much beautiful now than what he looked in the past. He did not break his heart after parting ways from Julia Roberts, as he found a new girl for him. It was Talis Soto who won his heart, and this time the relationship proved very strong, as the couple got married in 2002. He won fame after appearing on Law & Order as Rey Curtis. He has had a film with Sandra Bullock as well, where they both worked together in Miss Congeniality.