Friday, May 17, 2013

Beyonce Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Botox and Breast Implants

Beyonce Knowles never stops to surprise us with plastic surgery rumor and controversy. You may already know that she has ever surprised the public when she was rumored to have plastic surgery in young age. And now, the rumor still goes on, she currently reported back to have another surgery procedures such as a nose job, Botox, breast augmentation and also lip reduction.
Some media told that there is a significant change in her nose. Formerly, she has a bigger and thicker nose, and the recent nose appears much narrower and pointier.  A nose job could be the best guest to what she has done in the past.

Dr. Anthony Youn says “Beyonce’s nose appears thinner and elegant, it matches to the rest of her face, and it looks great & not overdone”.
Moreover, her current photos reveal that she possibly has a lip reduction as well.  Her lips are getting thinner than before.

I need to admit that her lips slightly change, but Beyonce lips reduction rumor still be a controversy, some people believe that it could also be achieved by smart celebrity makeup, and some others believe it must be as a result of plastic surgery.

In addition to a nose job and lip reduction rumor, she also speculated to have a breast augmentation in the past. If we are observing the before & after photos, it seems that her breast is getting bigger and curvier than before.

Beyonce Knowles Before & After Breast Augmentation
Dr. Anthony Youn says “Beyonce appears to have a breast augmentation, she looks great with curvy breast, it looks natural and not overdone”.
Well, although she was rumored to have breast augmentation, but we need to have a consideration that the change of breast size can be also caused by weight gain. The rounder breast could be also achieved by smart push up bra. I need to admit that she looks great & natural whether she has or has not a breast augmentation.

As everybody knows, Beyonce always appears with perfect skin, even at 32 years-old, we almost cannot find any aging signs on her facial appearance. Her forehead stays smooth and wrinkles free. Some media told that she possibly has Botox and laser treatment to maintain her flawless skin.

Beyonce Knowles Carter is drop-dead gorgeous, no matter how you look at her — rail thin as in Dream Girls, or even with a baby bump. So when gossip bloggers at CelebrityPop charged that Beyonce had a new nose job — that is, a revision nose just in time for the Grammys-many fans were caught off guard.

Beyonce: Has She or Hasn’t She?

As any beautiful woman in Hollywood that’s commanded the attention of the people for as long as she has done will have, Beyonce Knowles has gathered her share of plastic surgery speculations.

The former member of Destiny’s Child, who has since taken off on a singing and performing career of her own, is perhaps one of the most recognizable female entertainers today.
She’s also quite beautiful, and has been so for many years even into motherhood, and that’s made a lot of people start to speculate as to just what, if anything, Beyonce Knowles has had done in order to maintain her looks.

Has Beyonce Knowles Had Plastic Surgery?

That depends on who you ask, but if she has gone under the knife then the results are much more akin to those achieved by Bruce Springsteen rather than the awful plastic surgery that was received by Heidi Montag.
According to the speculations that float around on celebrity gossip forums and even in tabloids there has been talk that Beyonce has gotten her nose altered via a rhinoplasty, that she’s had her breasts augmented, she’s had liposuction and even that she’s had her lips and her famous butt reduced in size over the years.
The real question though is how much of this is just rumor, and how much of it is true?

Everybody admits that Beyonce not only blessed with melodious voice also the almost perfect physical appearance that gossiped was coming from plastic surgery help. Beyonce Knowles who had just given birth to her first child Blue Ivy last year’s made a commotion when showing her slimming body 6 weeks after her baby was born. Looking at that big commotion, people then accused this 31 year old singer has conducted plastic surgery for mommy makeover. Not only that previously she also accused has multiple procedures of plastic surgery such as liposuction, nose job, probably breast implant too. The question is, does Beyonce breastfeeding her daughter with implants is still embedded in her chest? I do not know, but it’s likely that question and gossip about plastic surgery who performed by Beyonce looks so vague and speculative.


Beyonce via her spokesmen always denies about the plastic surgery rumor that was accused of her. First, rumor that widely spreading stated that Beyonce has liposuction to abolish excess fats in some parts of her body. The public believed this woman conducts liposuction on her stomach, arms, thigh and butt in the past to refined her  physical appearance. Beyonce well-known with her sexy curved body that not too skinny yet not fat too. Her body seems tight and well defined as if she out of perfect mold. But people then started with comparing her old and recent photos which are showing indication she has liposuction done in the past. Beyonce Knowles body looks slimmer and toned today and his muscle more pronounced. She denies it because of her routine exercise of dancing help her get those impressing physical appearance without any help of liposuction.

Nose Job

Looking at Beyonce old photos, everybody must agreed that her nose more pronounced and well refined now. Media journalist stated that previously she has a piggy nose with a wider nasal bridge. And, now her nose looks so amazing, pinched, more pointed and well defined at the nasal bridge. It looks suits on her although there are significant signs as a nose job indication. Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn wrote on his blog that he believes Beyonce has at least a mild nose job in the past. But Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn says that her nose looks natural and great on Beyonce facial appearance.

Breast Implant

After giving birth her baby, the question does remove her implant due to breastfeeding Blue Ivy wide spreading among the public. Beyonce was accused has breast implants done in the past. Her nutritious breast that so though, perfectly round, though and up gossiped fake because previously she haven’t them all. A Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer speculated that Beyonce breast looks wider and bigger due to gaining weight or her push-up bra. Plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says it looks natural on her so it’s a bit hard to decide whether she has breast implant or not. About breastfeeding issue, Dr. Michael Salzhauer says she still can feed her baby as long as in previous plastic surgery procedure, the doctor didn’t cut the milk duct in her breast.

Beyonce Breast Implant

Beyonce may hasn’t admitted about plastic surgery gossip that floated around her life. But I think if the gossip was true, she really looks good with it. And, personally I hope she still can breastfeed her baby naturally due breast implant that probably was conducted by her.